10 Ideas to Help Kids Practice and Experience Spiritual Disciplines

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October 10th, 2011

Many of the Spiritual Disciplines are hard for us, and getting students to experience them can be even harder.  Here are a few ideas to help.

1. Spiritual Exercises – Lead students through different prayers and worship experiences.

2. 30 Hour Famine – Fast while serving others.

3. Discipline of Silence – Take students on a one-day retreat where you lead them through having quiet times, meditation, and reflection.

4. Covenant of Chastity – Teach the importance of waiting and purity and obedience.

5. Celebrating Lent – encourage students to fast from music, movies, TV, food, etc.

6. Prayer Journal – Teach students to write prayers to God.  Incorporate this within your messages as an exercise or at camps and retreats.  Guide them with a prayer them: confession, doubt, thankfulness, struggles, praise.

7. Memorizing Scripture – Have small groups memorize scripture together as an act of meditation.

8. Verbal Confession – Create an environment where students are safe to express their struggles.  Maybe even take them, as an activity, to a priest or pastor to confess.  Afterwards, talk about the importance of confessing our sins to God and to each other.

9. Time of Affirmation – End a retreat or camp with a time of affirmation.  The rule is simple – no sarcasm.  Each student and adult begins by saying “I love you because…”

10. Quiet the Challenge – Have small groups hold each other accountable for having daily times with God.

What have you used in the past that has been helpful?  Let us know in the comments.


Youth Specialties

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