10-second Tip: Let Leaders Lead

Jacob Eckeberger
September 29th, 2016

At the NATIONAL YOUTH WORKERS CONVENTION, we stopped youth workers from all across the U.S. and asked them to share a 10-second youth ministry tip.


“Let leaders lead. So often we want to do stuff, and we miss out on students, as well as other people doing, and learning by doing.”


You stunt the growth of your ministry when it’s effectiveness is measured purely by the number of people you can directly impact. By developing and investing in leaders through a mentorship program, you can multiply your ministry’s impact well beyond your own circle of influence. Whether you’re developing leaders to help with specific practical elements like running sound on Sunday morning, or if you’re developing them into influential roles like small group leaders, you’ll need a practical approach to incorporate eager volunteers. In Dave Ferguson’s book, “Exponential: How You and Your Friends Can Start a Missional Church Movement”, he outlines a 5-step series that trains leaders to take ownership in their responsibilities, and then helps those leaders know how they can begin to mentor others. Here are the five steps:

  • STEP ONE: I do. You watch.
  • STEP TWO: I do. You help.
  • STEP THREE: You do. I help. We talk.
  • STEP FOUR: You do. I watch. We talk.
  • STEP FIVE: You do. Someone else watches.

Check out this short blog post that explains these steps a little further.

A mentorship program like this will ultimately help your ministry impact more kids, have a presence at more schools in your community, care for more families, and help the good news of the Gospel change more lives.

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JACOB ECKEBERGER is the Content Manager at Youth Specialties, an itinerant worship leader, the spouse of a church planter, and a long time volunteer youth worker. You can find him blogging about social media and digital strategy ideas at JACOBECKEBERGER.COM.

Jacob Eckeberger

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