14 Summer Activities and Games

July 15th, 2017

Summer is upon us which means a whole new genre of activities is needed. Whether it is a planned activity that is on the calendar for months or a spur of the moment thought and phone call to a few students, summer activities are awesome. Here is a list of 14 summer activities and some ideas on how to pull them off.

Here is a list of 14 summer activities and some ideas on how to pull them off.

1. Messy Game Night

Summer means that after the awesome messy games that everyone has a blast playing you can just hose everyone off, which is easy and still fun and enjoyable as well. Click here for a free download of a messy game night with full instructions.

2. Beach / Lake Day

Obviously, this is a summer staple in youth ministry, my advice would be — use it! In my opinion, you can never overuse a good beach day. It can be great for your whole group or for simply taking 3 or 4 students. Do it!

3. Water Day

Water balloons, squirt guns, water games or simply cups and buckets, water days can be a blast. They are super easy to plan and take full advantage of the summer weather. If you would like a list of water games, email stokedonyouthministry@gmail.com and I will send you one!

4. Outdoor Movie Night

Sitting outside in lawn chairs with blankets, popcorn and a movie projected on the side of the building, what says summer more than that?

5. Service Day Car Washing

This is my favorite! Not only is this a great way to get your students out and have fun but also an incredible way to bless your community. Divide your group up into smaller groups of 4 or 5 students and send them out with a bucket, sponges, soap and towels to go door to door and ask people if you can wash their cars for free. All you need from them is a hose and some water and they get a free car wash!

6. Scavenger Hunt

Divide up into teams and send students around town taking pictures, getting clues or finding objects. Finish with a big BBQ or an ice cream party or something fun.

7. Slip n Slide

This activity can stand alone or be combined in a water day but either way it is amazing. I am not simply talking the cheap 15 ft slip n slide you get at the super store. But rather a 60ft (or more) extreme slip n slide. Get a few big tarps, baby shampoo, and a constant source of water and you will have an amazing activity!

8. Ice cream sundaes and board games under the stars

This is pretty self explanatory in the title of the event. But, um, yea it’s awesome, relaxing and a ton of fun on a warm summer night.

9. Big Night Game

Plan out a ‘camp style’ big intricate game that can be played for an hour or more and then finish off the event with some late night pizza.

10. Pool Party

This is a great one-time, once a month, or weekly activity. It can either be at the same place, or at a different house each time. There are so many amazing options with a pool party and they never get old.

11. Water Park Day

Take advantage of the weather and water parks in your area. If you have to drive a few hours, don’t let that stop you, turn it into a full day activity or even an over night event. These are low planning, low effort events that will be a big win.

12. Theme Park Day

Many theme parks have a group discount or can be talked into one. Just like a water park, local theme parks are a great full day event that requires little effort for a large reward.

13. Bonfire Worship Night

An acoustic worship set around a bonfire, I mean, come on! Not only will your students love it but you will too and of course the best part… I mean, the worship is great, but S’MORES!

14. Egg Drop

Have students build a home made contraption that will house an egg and be dropped from the roof of a one story building. Whoever’s egg survives wins a prize. Students can sit, watch and cheer on as their egg contraptions are dropped. Then. of course. feast on some ice cream, popsicles or some other summer desserts.

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