3 Brilliant Reactions Your Youth Group T-shirt Should Create

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September 15th, 2016

rockyAs I write this blog, I’m wearing one of my all-time favorite t-shirts – Rocky BALBOA vs Clubber LANG.  This simple impulse buy t-shirt has created more positive reaction from friends and strangers than other classy items in my wardrobe.  A branded t-shirt can provoke an emotional response if it is carefully created and printed.  Three brilliant reactions your students and their peers should have when looking at your church t-shirt are found here.


In a crowd of clothing your t-shirt has to be noticed.  You must make something people are interested in looking at.  This can be done by selecting a unique cut (V-neck, swoop neck, long tee), eye-catching graphic, or decoration style.  The goal is for people to look at the shirt and then want to know more.  You want your students and their friends to react positively to the t-shirt and ultimately to the true message you want to share.  If the shirt design looks like it was made by the church secretary in WordPerfect, you may have a problem.  Doing something fresh and lively helps you stand out from the crowd and creates valuable curiosity.


Another reaction that should be on your list of goals is, to put it simply, a good feeling. This means when someone sees your shirt they get a positive impression about your church and youth group.  T-shirts are generally not the best tools to clarify doctrine or initiate debate.  An innovative graphic with a few well selected words in a suitable font can make a great first, second and third impression. Those who wear your t-shirts are walking billboards, help set them up for positive reaction in their spheres of influence.  Consider using a trending image or topic that relates to your message so it is relevant.  However, try not to use something too trendy that will go out of style quickly.


The best way to get your t-shirts seen is for people to wear them.  The best way to get people to wear them (aside from paying them) is to make the shirts super comfortable/desirable.  Proper product selection can make the difference between the ‘one-time wear disposable shirt’ or your teen’s favorite tee.  In fact, it is no longer just t-shirts.  Imagine affordable custom hoodies, snapbacks, jackets, silicone wristbands, and the list goes on.  Comfortable and desirable custom branded t-shirts have more potential to promote your ministry than church signs, newspaper advertisements or club cards.  Choose a great product and get repeat exposure each time it is worn.

Creating a brilliant reaction with your youth group t-shirt can seem like quite a challenge. However, when you take some time to really think about the design and what you want to get across, you will be able to create the response you desire. Three reactions to aim for are highlighted here – you can go for all three, or just one, the decision is yours.


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