3 Questions To Ask When You Meet With Local School Administrators

July 29th, 2017

School is starting back which means you need to schedule a meeting with the administration of your local middle and high schools.

All youth pastors know that the local schools are the biggest ministry field for students. If you are not accustomed to scheduling a meeting with the school administrators I would encourage you to try it out this semester. Aim to meet with the main principal of the school. The athletic directors at the high schools can be great advocates if you are interested in hosting a tailgate party or hoping to attend games for free!

Now that you have scheduled a 30-45 minute meeting with the school’s administrator, what should you say?

First, thank them for all of the work they are doing to impact your community. Principals need more encouragement and support. This is your opportunity to extend that. Bringing a “Thank You” card with a $25 gift card isn’t a bad idea either.

I would suggest that you ask three simple questions to let your administrator know that your church is willing to serve the school, not just take students from it.

A partnership benefits both parties.

Here are three questions you need to ask when you meet with local school administrators.

What is your vision for the school year? How can we help you accomplish that?

If the principal’s vision is to increase mentoring opportunities your church has hit the jackpot! One of our local high schools wants to develop a student leadership program that partners freshmen with juniors. Helping the principal’s agenda will open doors for you to minister.

How can we serve your staff and faculty?

Can the church provide breakfast for the faculty once a quarter? Are there other ideas the principal has to enrich the faculty? If the local school is going to thrive it’s leadership must thrive. Your church can play an important role in encouraging and supporting teachers and faculty.

How can we support lower-income students?

High schools and middle schools still have students who are in need of financial support – whether that is in the form of supplies, fees or meals.


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