3 Questions with Misfit author, Chris Durso

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May 9th, 2011

Misfit by Chris Durso

About Misfit

You've decided to follow the most amazing misfit of all time– Jesus. But how can you live the misfit life like he did? Learn how to make world-changing choices, even when they aren't popular choices. You'll see how God can use you, a total misfit, to do amazing things.

Just choosing to follow Jesus isn't enough. But for many teenagers, the choices that come along with living for Jesus can be unpopular and difficult. Their own doubts, fears, and disbelief often get in the way of the amazing things God wants to do through them.

Misfit helps teens see what it means to be a misfit like Jesus was, and gives them tools to make world-changing decisions even when it seems like they're going the opposite direction of the world around them. In this practical study, teens will discover that they don't have to conform to the rest of the world, and they'll recognize that they can actually work to change the things in the world that are wrong.

Ultimately, teenagers will realize that if they stop making excuses and get out of the way of their own negativity, God will use them to change the world. With discussion questions after each chapter, readers will walk away from Misfit ready to jump into the world and go against the current so they can do unimaginable things.

3 Questions with Chris Durso

  1. Why did you write Misfit? I believe this generation identifies themselves as Misfits, one who is uncomfortable with his or her surrondings and is seen to be disturbingly different from others. This book was written to navigate the next generation as they move forward to bring change with their God given discomfort.
  2. How can youth pastors use Misfit in their ministry? Youth pastors and leaders will be able to equip teens by speaking to them in a way they will understand, while helping them to identify who they are.
  3. What are your hopes for the book? My desire is that this book will ignite and empower this generation to seek God's calling over their lives. This generation has the potential and power to win the world over for Christ. We're the Messiah's misfits – 1 Corinthians 4:9 (The Message)

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