4 Fall Activities For Your Student Ministry

Tom Pounder
August 17th, 2021

Fall 2021 is vastly different than Fall 2020. At this point last year most of the world was still under some sort of COVID restrictions. Many Churches were online only at this point last year. But now things are different. There has been a lot of progress since January. While different variants are still causing concern, we are in a much better place today. 

With all the positive developments in the war against COVID, more churches are seeing increased in-person attendance now. Because there is such optimism and a light at the end of the tunnel, ministries are thinking differently as we head into the fall. This applies to student ministries as well. 

One of the biggest differences for student ministries is that they can really focus on in-person gatherings, not just online gatherings. With that in mind, here are 4 Fall activities you can do that will build excitement and create community for your student ministry.

Kickoff Party.

What a way to start your Fall season. A big kickoff party can help welcome back students from the summer and those who you didn’t see much during the online-only time your student ministry was meeting. You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. It can also be a great way to reintroduce yourself to parents and get them on board with what you are doing this year and invite them to be part of it. So, take time to organize a big get together with the students and put a little extra money from your budget to make this party great. It can truly set the tone for your year.

Hot Mess Sundae(y).

This is a fun and messy event that middle school and high school students will enjoy! For this event, pick an early Fall day where it can be done outside on a warmer day. September or early October would be ideal. Here you can organize a variety of games and competitions in which students will get messy (make sure they know ahead of time or else it could be a disaster). Wrap up the evening with a huge ice cream sundae in rain gutters or it can be a make your own sundae time. Regardless of the games you play, as long as it is messy and students are prepared to get messy, this is a fantastic event to get students back together and having some fun. If appropriate to the context, you can also include a message before the mess begins about how God can handle our mess.


Students need each other now more than ever. Hosting a Friendsgiving is not necessarily a new event; student ministries have been doing this event for years. But this year, either before or immediately after Thanksgiving, is a great opportunity for students to connect and encourage each other, all while eating delicious food. The leaders can provide the turkey and have students bring side dishes. After dinner, go around and have students share what or who they are thankful for. Then you can wrap the night by sharing something you are thankful for or a Bible story about being thankful. 

YouTube or Instagram Night.

We made so much progress in our digital ministry capabilities during COVID  it would be a shame not to continue to utilize it in some way. Maximize the reach that YouTube and Instagram have with students by hosting a night (or series of nights throughout the Fall) where you do a live or produced event that you show. Include a giveaway, use the Chat feature and connect with students from your area on these popular platforms. 

There is a lot of optimism in ministry right now. In particular, there is a growing excitement in student ministries meeting more and more in person and doing some of the things they used to be able to do before COVID hit. What you do this fall can help your ministry start the year with excitement and energy. Prayerfully consider what you can do and get your volunteers, parents, and students all involved in the process and see how God moves in your ministry this Fall. 

Tom Pounder

A father of 4, Tom is the Student Minister and Online Campus Pastor at New Life Christian Church in Chantilly, VA. He blogs, vlogs, and podcasts regularly about student and online ministry stuff. Check out his work at YMSidekick.com

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