4 Solid Strategies For Impacting Your Local Schools

Kyle Hoffsmith
September 12th, 2019

It is the goal of youth ministries across our country to figure out strategies to impact our local high schools and middle schools. Although all of the students at these schools might not come to our youth groups, it is still possible to influence a great number of students with the good news of Jesus Christ. Creating strategies to reach your local school requires creativity, and does not need to be an individual project.  Partnering with other youth workers and school administrators in your town can lead to fruitful ministry in the school setting. Below are four specific strategies that can be used in a variety of school settings:  

Chapel Services at Local Christian Schools

Most likely, the Christian high schools and middle schools near you have regular opportunities for youth pastors to help teach in Bible class or speak in chapel services. This is an open door to teach the Bible to your students who attend these schools as well as advertise youth events you have to an audience that includes kids who might not have their own youth group. Contacting the principle of Christian schools can go a long way in connecting youth ministries to these important schools.

Homeschool Hangout

Most home school students have flexible schedules that allow them to schedule their school around certain events. Other students don’t have the luxury of this flexibility. Plan a short event where only home school students are invited for lunch, fun activities, and a Bible study directly correlating to issues that these home school students want to study and discuss. Parents also enjoy being able to know that their kid’s youth group is specifically caring for their home school students.

Football Game Outreach at Public Schools

Most likely, many students attend football games on Friday nights. This creates a unique environment where certain types of events can gather large number of students as an avenue to connect them to our student ministries. Consider hosting a tailgate event before the game where students can eat dinner and play yard games. Another option to consider is hosting a 5th Quarter event. This happens after the game and provides students with a safe and fun atmosphere to hang out with their friends. These events can also help students become aware of other youth group events and become more familiar with our churches.

Encouragement to Teachers

Teachers have rewarding and difficult jobs. One easy way to encourage them is by making a list of all of the teachers in your church. Send them a letter and include a small gift card to either a coffee or ice cream shop. This reminds them that the youth ministry at their church cares about them!!

Contacting local youth pastors in your town and talking through strategies like the ones listed above can lead to effective ministry in your town. Remember, each school has different needs that can be met in unique ways! May God use our youth ministries to reach many students during this school year!

Kyle Hoffsmith

Kyle Hoffsmith serves as the pastor of student ministries at Old North Church in Youngstown, Ohio. He loves teaching students about Christ and equipping them for a relationship with Him. You can read some of his other blogs on his website www.kylehoffsmith.com.

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