4 Ways To Take Your Camp To The Next Level

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June 8th, 2014

Derry Prenkert (@DerryPrenkert) shares four ways to take your summer events to the next level in this YS Idea Lab. These are super practical youth ministry tips to make the most out of your camp, mission trip, or any other big summer event coming up. 

Here's a quick overview of the 4 concepts that Derry elaborates on in this Idea Lab:

  1. Think with a “there” to “here” mindset. What can we do while we're there (at camp/mission trip/etc) to bring the experience back here (home)? 
  2. Create Corporate Traditions. Be intentional about creating traditions with students that they'll want to carry into the event each summer. 
  3. Create Open Spaces in the Schedule. This isn't about more “free” time but about “breathe” time.
  4. Bring Parents on the Journey. You don't necessarily have to bring all the parents with you but you do need to find ways to make sure parents know what is going on.


​Derry gives some incredible practical examples in the video and talks in more detail about each one of these 4 great ways that you can take your summer event to the next level.

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Youth Specialties

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