5 Cheap Dates Any Youth Worker Can Afford

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August 16th, 2008

Yesterday on Twitter a fellow youth worker mentioned that he was taking his wife on a date for the first time in a month. When I asked him why it had been so long he replied back to say they had been low on money. Now, let’s face the fact that just about every youth worker is low on cash. Let’s also face the fact that our significant others are very important. Maintaining a healthy balance in our lives is crucial to being the best possible youth worker! With that in mind I went on a mission to discover cheap dates that anyone, even a youth worker, can afford. The following suggestions came from Holli, Tic, Dave, and Adam:

  1. Your Favorite Book: Head to your local bookstore and browse for your favorite kids book or the craziest book cover, weirdest title, book you wish you would have written, or corniest Christian book. Set a time limit or just let it happen naturally.
  2. Plan a surprise progressive dinner. Plan out a series of stops at your favorite spots for each dinner course. You could even do this by planning out different courses at friends houses! (Make sure to let them know you’re coming, a little hint from Tic.) But we think this date should definitely end by splurging on ice cream.
  3. Scavenger hunt. Bet you never thought this youth group favorite could be romantic, did you? Set up a scavenger hunt to have the lady in your life discover flowers, a card, or another small gift.
  4. Fashion show. Head over to the mall or a specialty boutique and try on some expensive clothes. To play it up even more take along a camera and pose in each outfit. You won’t have to spend a dime and you’ll have fun looking like a million bucks. An alternative to this would be to head to a jewelry store and do the same thing. Holli suggested this diamond ring from Tiffany & Company. Hint: Skip the jewelry shopping if you aren’t married or not ready to get engaged. Taking your girlfriend to look at diamonds sends a certain message.
  5. Introductory lessons. You’d be surprised how much fun a “free lesson” could be. Sign up to take a cooking class, dance lesson, or even a trip to the local fitness center. This is guaranteed to be a fun night out.

Bonus tip for parents: Hiring a babysitter can add a big expense to your date night. Save the cash and arrange with another couple in your church a reciprocal babysitting deal. They watch your kids on Friday night and you’ll watch their kids on Saturday night.

Youth Specialties

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