5 Reasons The Church Needs Youth Ministry

Youth Specialties
July 6th, 2014

Mark Matlock shares his heart behind why youth ministry is vital to the body of Christ in “5 Reasons The Church Needs Youth Ministry.” 

If you don't have time to watch the full video, here's a quick snapshot:

  1. Youth ministry is vital to helping teens integrate into the larger intergenerational community of the church.
  2. Youth ministry resists the status quo, helping a church stay relevant in a changing culture.
  3. Youth ministry focuses on inviting those who are not already part of the church into the deeper narrative of God's plan for humankind.
  4. Youth ministry reminds the church that teens are not marginalized members of the body, but are co-creators and conspirators in the divine work of the church, restoring life on earth as it is in heaven.
  5. Youth ministry helps the church focus on the way of Jesus, which goes beyond tradition, dogma, and ritual.


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Here's a handy image with all 5 broken down if you'd like to share it with your youth leaders:

Youth Specialties

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