5 Steps To Creating Quality Staff Meetings

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December 21st, 2016

“Let’s get our leaders together for a meeting next week; we will share a verse, ask them to meditate on it, and then talk about this month’s events. Sounds like a good meeting right?”

Unfortunately that is how a lot of ministries conduct their meetings, and the leaders who attend them, often don’t look forward to them. Having been in ministry for 10 years, and then the corporate world for 2, I was able to see a lot of different variations of meetings. The most effective meetings happened when there was intention behind it, honesty, and investment in the people who attended. When you truly listen and hear your peoples ideas, highs & lows of ministry, then you will be able to know how to best equip and navigate them to be solid leaders in your ministry. People desire to be known, cared for, and invested in so I’ve put together 5 simple steps to creating quality staff meetings.

1. Have a plan

Don’t just call a staff meeting because you haven’t had one in a while, make sure you have a plan and a reason why you are meeting. Staff know when a meeting isn’t thought through. Have intention behind it.

2. Incorporate Some Training

Invest in your staff and equip them for greatness. A few training tool ideas: hot topics, communicating with parents, appropriate social media, how to settle down your small group, resolving conflict.

3. Take Personality Tests 

  • Superpower test
  • Love language test
  • Meyers-Briggs
  • Strengths Finder

I only know of one person who doesn’t like taking personality tests and that is my husband, so most likely your staff will be happy to take a test! It is quality information to know your team and their talents and how they operate!

4. Share Happy’s and Crappy’s

Every meeting you should have this time. Allow each person to share one happy and one crappy, (you can switch it up and say one apple and one onion, or one sweet and one sour) However you put it, this is a great chance to hear the heartbeat of your group.

5. Always Pray Together

Never skip out on this part. I have found that when people break up into groups (no more than 4 people) it allows them to share more openly and everyone can be prayed for specifically.
These 5 steps will create such growth in your team with knowing them better, hearing their heart, and equipping them for success.

By investing in your team you allow them to go out and care for your students well! Start a ripple effect of intentional care!
“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” -Mother Teresa

“As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” 1 Peter 4:10

Nikki UdickiNikki Udicki has been in a variety of ministries for over 10 years, but specializes in working with teens and training leaders in youth ministry with her company GingerSnap. She grew up in Orange County, graduated from Biola University, then moved to Ireland for 2 years as a missionary doing everything from working the Christian Bookstore, door-to-door work, leading women’s bible study, and hosting youth group every other week. She has a heart in igniting volunteer staff well so they become the best leaders that God has created them to be. Nikki and her husband still live in Orange County, Ca. and enjoy a nice home cooked meal with great conversation! You can find her on instagram @gingersnapcollective or gingersnapcollective.com.

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