5 Things to Teach Your Students About Money

Youth Specialties
January 19th, 2009

I saw this list about teaching younger kids about money and wondered if there were some transferable principles to youth ministry.

  1. Give them a basic money sense. Discuss the difference between needs and wants.
  2. Help them develop the saving habit. Teach them to save money their whole life.
  3. Allow them to learn how to manage money. An allowance can teach good decision making.
  4. Get them familiar with the money system. Explain bank accounts, bill paying and credit cards. As they get older, teach them how interest can work for or against them.
  5. Lead by example. Model good saving and spending habits. Make them aware of why you are making certain decisions. link

Do you teach your youth group about money management? If so, what are some talking points you feel are important? Has the current economic climate changed the way you plan on teaching about money in the future?

Youth Specialties

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