5 Unconventional Ways to do Self-care

Rebecca Harbin
September 3rd, 2020


A topic that comes up often for those in ministry.

Sometimes we do not know how to implement it into our lives.

Each person is different, because all personalities relax in different ways.

What works for one person, will not work for every person.

If ways to care for you are hard to come up with, below are some suggestions. Try one out in the next month. Maybe you will find a new way to care for you.

Information overload?

Read a book/resource NOT connected to your job. Are you a coffee lover? Check out a book about espresso from the library. Star Wars all the way? Find a Star Wars trivia book and learn all the facts. Find a book that you can read for fun, and enjoy that. If there is a devotional book you’ve wanted to read for a long time, but you haven’t made the time because you are reading other books for bible studies etc., pull that book out.

Feeling physically exhausted at the end of each day?

Incorporate exercise. Whoah! Exercise?!? I’m tired! Exactly! Physical activity promotes the production of endorphins which are a natural stimulant in your body. Working out will give you more physical energy. It will also help you use physical energy, and enable sleep to come easier. Another benefit is stress relief. Stress is released as your heartbeat elevates, and hormones flood your body. Exercise also provides preparation for the body to handle physical and emotional stress. As your body experiences stress in exercise, it learns how to cope with stressful situations. So yes, exercise. Exercise will give more energy, relieve stress, and prepare you for upcoming stress. Even a 20 minute brisk walk is worth it!

Feeling disconnected from God?

Go to a coffee shop/tea shop etc. on a date with God. Don’t bring your phone, but a journal. Spend time journaling the thoughts that are flitting around in your mind. Pretend you are having a conversation. Share what is on your mind. Get all the thoughts out. Enjoy your drink, and then ask God to speak to you about those things you wrote down.

Struggling to step away from work?

Do something fun that you enjoy-and do not worry that you are not serving anyone else. Your success is not defined by how much is accomplished. Sometimes doing something just for fun is the best form of self-care.

Need to get away from you phone?

Go for a walk without it, and do not set a time to return. Leave it at home for an hour or two. Do not worry. No one will perish at your lack of response! They can wait an hour or two. Allow your mind to wander, soak in the outdoors, pray, or whatever is relaxing. Walk until you are relaxed, or your brain is not overwhelmed (Walking is actually a natural way to process-your brain processes better when you are walking/moving).

Are there twenty extra minutes between meetings?

Have a big decision?

Need to leave social media?

Hard conversation coming up?

Your best bet may be to go for a twenty minute walk. Get moving and allow God to invade your mental space.

Rebecca Harbin

The five things you need to know about Rebecca: 1. Living as a Chayil is her life goal (It’s a Hebrew word-from Judges 6:12) 2. Doing life with her husband is rad. 3. Lifting weights is her favorite. 4. Finding the best London Fog is one of her top pregnancy goals 5. Eating at crepe shops is SUPER exciting. To check out her life’s adventures go to @warriorbec

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