5 Ways Youth Pastors Could Be More Useful To Families

September 16th, 2017

I have more time on my hands than I like. Yes, I’m busy with family stuff, church stuff and youth stuff but there are plenty of times when I feel I could be more useful to our families but maybe they don’t know I know how to do other things besides messy games. To correct this, I sent a message to my parents, putting myself out there, to see if I can meet some more needs.

Here is what I shared with our parents (feel free to steal this and share it with your parents):

You may not know this, but I have skills that extend beyond gross games and being hip and cool. I have a few suggestions on how you could utilize these skills to benefit your family. You don’t have to use them, but I wanted you to know that, if I’m available, I’d be more than happy to help out if you need me:

Pick Up or Drop Off

If I’m available, and you need me to pick your kid up from school, I’d be happy to. Just add me to the school’s list of acceptable adults to pick up and I’m on it. Or, maybe your child has forgotten a school supply, I’d be happy to pick it up and drop it off to them.


Granted, I’m pretty limited, but I’m pretty good at helping with reports, writing assignments, etc. and would be happy to work with your kids. I’m really good at research and idea generation. I can also help a kid navigate a trip to the library. Just don’t ask me about math, I want your kid to pass.


It happens, your child is going on a trip and you’d like to have an extra adult pair of eyes on them, but you can’t go. If I’m available, I’d be happy to go on a trip or chaperone a dance, etc. If the church will let me, and our insurance will allow it, I’d be happy to drive the bus or van for the trip.


Yep, I’ve done a few of these as you well know. If you need me to help out at concessions at the game, if I’m available, I’d be happy to help. Maybe your school fundraiser needs some extra media attention, I can do graphics, blast it on my social media, etc. just let me know how I can help out the class or the team.


As you know, I do love me some technology. I can shoot and edit video, record and edit audio, etc. If you have a school play or band recital that needs to be filmed, I can help with that. If your kid’s class needs someone media savvy to help with a project, I can do it. If your child’s class or teacher needs someone to do a presentation of how some kind of technology works, I’d be happy to lend what knowledge I have.

As of right now, I have had some wonderful parents thank me for posting this, but none have taken me up on it. I believe knowing that I’m available beyond the church walls is what bring them comfort, but I have to be ready if that call comes down the line.

I understand that these skills may not be your skills, but you do have skills.

What skills do you have that could benefit a family beyond the youth room? Construction? Baking? Take stock of what you can do and then offer it to your parents.

Sharing not just our ministry experience but our life experience (I Thessalonians 2:8), will create ministry opportunities way beyond Sundays or the midweek meeting. Isn’t that we want and our families need?

paul turner_squarePAUL TURNER is a long-time youth worker, speaker, and blogger of all things youth ministry. He’s the youth pastor at Pleasant Grove Assembly in Birmingham, AL and writes regularly at THEDISCIPLEPROJECT.NET.


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