5 Weird Interview Questions You Must Ask New Volunteers

March 7th, 2017

Interviewing new volunteers can be awkward.

There are definitely really cool aspects to interviewing new volunteers. You get a chance to hear their stories, make connections with them and see how God has gifted them for ministry.

But it can also feel like a mix of spiritual conversation and job interview, and that can feel strange.

The list of questions you ask will reveal important information about the potential volunteer’s background. There is another level of information that you can glean from asking a few seemingly weird questions.

These questions will make the interview more fun and give you a greater understanding of the potential volunteer’s personality.

5 Weird Interview Questions You Must Ask New Volunteers

“Who is your best friend? If ___ was sitting here with us, what would he/she say about you serving in student ministry?”

Introspective questions can break down some of the prepared responses. As a potential volunteer wrestles with this question, you will begin to see some of his heart and possibly some of his reservations for serving.

“If you were a startup business, what would your motto be?”

After he answers this question, you will have a one-line synopsis of the purpose of his life.

“If I gave you $50,000 to put toward serving students, how would you use the funds?”

This question will show where the volunteer is passionate about serving within student ministry. Different people are drawn toward different areas like events, small groups, discipleship, outreach, worship and so on.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what was one of your most embarrassing moments in middle or high school?”

This question gets the adult to make a connection with the realities that students are going through. It starts to establish some common ground, and it gives you something to laugh about with your potential leader.

Do you believe in the possibility of Bigfoot?

Many students have a hard time believing in Jesus and will cite a lack of scientific proof as a reason. But many are quick to hold a space for the unknown in other areas (aliens, Bigfoot, that a cheerleader will ask them out) even when there is significantly less evidence when compared to Jesus. You can use this question as a time to teach and share about the culture of students in a growing post-Christian society.

Now What?

I’m sure you have a stash of weird interview questions. What are some of your favorites and why do you ask them?

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