5 Words to Boost Your Youth Worker Vocabulary

Rebecca Harbin
August 19th, 2019

“What did he just say?” That thought often runs through the mind of a youth worker after hearing words come out of a student’s mouth. All the youth around her nodding in agreement, while you are standing there with no clue. Each generation seems to repurpose a few words. Want to be in the know this fall? What words will make your students do a double take after you see them? Below is a guide to the words your students may be using, and ways to implement them into your conversations (You want to be sure you use them correctly).


Meaning: A person feels the same way as another. Ex. Person A, “I am so tired.” Person B, “Mood.”

Youth Worker Ideas: Welcome to Youth Group: Ex. “So glad to have you all back for youth group this fall. Can you all say Mood?!” OR “School just started and I’m sure you all are not excited about it. If I was going back to school I would say Mood (Wait for them to react after this line).


Meaning: Awesome, or great. Ex. “That new car is bet!” Or Person A, “Lets go to the movies at 6.” Person B, “Bet.”

Youth Worker Ideas: A student approaches you, and asks if you could meet up for coffee. You respond with, “bet!” In a planning session with student leaders you support a student’s idea by saying “bet!”


Meaning: Extremely awesome, iconic. Ex. Person A performs a skateboard trick. Person B, “Iconic.”

Youth Worker Ideas: A student does a great job at leading worship. You walk up to them, give them a high five, and say “iconic.”


Meaning: Yes, or ok. Ex. Person A, “Want to go to In-N-Out?” Person B, “Yeet.”

Youth Worker Ideas: The senior pastor asks if you would like to go to lunch. You reply, “Yeet.” A student asks if they could join a small group. You reply,”Yeet!”


Meaning: Something that is too much. Over the top. Ex. “Sarah was crying because her boyfriend will be gone all day tomorrow- so extra.“

Youth Worker Ideas: Your student can’t stop complaining about how hot it is while at an amusement park. You say, “That’s s bit extra.”

There you have it! Your guide to five words that teenagers are using that you may not know the meaning of. Hopefully this will help you avoid any misunderstandings, or feeling like the odd one out. You had better start using these words fast though, or else they will be outdated by the time you read this blog!

Rebecca Harbin

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