4 Books For New Christians In Your Student Ministry

Chase Synder
June 21st, 2019

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a student make a decision to follow Jesus Christ.

But how many ministries are ready to disciple students after a decision?

As you celebrate with the student, his family and your church, you have to answer this important question:

“How will this student be discipled?”

Is it through a small group for new believers? Do you hand them a book to read? Do you connect a student to an adult mentor?

Sure, the process looks different for each church, but the important part is that you have a process.

Salvation happens instantly. Discipleship is a lifetime process of maturing.  [bctt tweet=”Salvation happens instantly. Discipleship is a lifetime process of maturing.” username=”ys_scoop”]  

Below are a few resources I have used for our students. I wanted to pass them along to you. I don’t have any affiliate links in this post. I simply believe in the effectiveness of these resources to encourage new Christians to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

These books will work well for your student ministry, no matter what your discipleship process looks like.

4 Books That Are Perfect For New Christians In Your Student Ministry

New: First Steps For New Christ-Followers (By YouthMinistry360)

New | Ministry Bubble

This journal works as a stand-alone devotional or a four-week small group curriculum that you can walk through with your students. I like it because of the easy-to-understand devotional layout that covers what it means to be a Christian, knowing God and how we are to live a new life.

Refuel: An Uncomplicated Guide To Connecting With God (By Doug Fields)

Doug Fields has created a concise and clear book about what it means to connect with God. As youth workers, we don’t want to be guilty of saying, “Just start reading the book of John and you will get the hang of a devotional time.” This book offers practical tips and encouragement to discover what it means to connect with Jesus. It also includes small group questions in the back for youth workers who want to meet up and discuss chapters with their students.

Student Survival Kit: An Essential Guide For New Christians (By Ralph W. Neighbour, Jr. And Lifeway)

Are you looking for a book that is packed with Scriptures and covers the essentials of what it means to be a Christian? Then Student Survival Kit is your book! This book by Lifeway is an eleven-week devotional that walks through the fundamentals of theology (Indwelling of Christ, Body of Christ, The Old and New Nature, Salvation, Authority, Prayer, Witnessing) by laying out passages of Scripture and allowing the reader to chew on each topic in daily bite-sized chunks.

Wired: A 4-Week Devotional Experience For Students (By Rodney & Sarah Anderson)

Produced by Orange, Wired is an awesome resource that covers how to connect with God and others. This book is a four-week devotional guide packed with small group materials. You can purchase teaching videos to view along with the book. Wired is an incredible resource for your student ministry if you do a new Christian class or small group.

Now What?

What other resources have you found that help new believers grow in their relationship Jesus?

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Chase Synder

Chase Synder is the founder of ministrybubble.com and serves as a Family Pastor in Knoxville, Tenn. He seeks to live a life that glorifies God and disciples others through their day-to-day lives, and his passion is equipping those in the church to seek those who are outside of it.

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