8 Most Popular Books @ NYWC 2018

Tim Balow
January 8th, 2019

NYWC 2018 is passed but we are already looking forward to an amazing NYWC in Tampa, FL on November 21 – 24, 2019. A huge part of the experience is learning about new books and resources through Youth Specialties, our partners, and all of the speakers that make up the experience at NYWC. We wanted to feature 8 of the most popular books at the NYWC Bookstore as you think about new books or resources for 2019.

Four Views On Pastoring LGBTQ Teenagers | Youth Cartel

A truly one of a kind resource, this book takes four distinct views on ministry with LGBTQ teenagers. This resource takes into account the theological components of the discussion, as well as lays out practical practices and helpful tips for the various viewpoints on ministry with LGBTQ teenagers. Our friends at the Youth Cartel hit it out of the park with this resource and became one of the hottest resources at the NYWC Bookstore.

The Road Back To You by Ian Cron | InterVarsity Press 

Ian Cron is the leading voice on the Enneagram (a personality/leadership tool aimed at helping one live into a healthy, authentic self) and we were fortunate enough to have him as a speaker at NYWC. Ian’s book a fantastic primer on the Enneagram and will help grow your understanding of the important use of the Enneagram as personality/leadership tool for you personally, your leaders, and even your students.

Growing Young | Baker 

This resource has been prevalent for a few years and featured in a lot of ways at NYWC, but Growing Young continues to be a seminal resource with understanding the vibrant components of a young person falling in love with your church. Growing Young taps into stories of hope but also lays out a practical foundation for executing on the vision of a church ‘growing young’.

The Art of Group Talk (For Guys + For Girls) | Orange

Two fantastic resources about helping volunteers lead better conversations with both guys and girls. This is a resource you want your volunteers to have at the start of the new year to fine tune their conversational ability as the year continues to roll on. These books can speak for themselves, or better yet, you can lead trainings on the material to create conversation around conversations. Let’s learn the art of group talk!

How We Read The Bible by Matthew Laidlaw | Fuller Youth Institute

Youth workers are always getting caught up on how to read the bible with students. Matt Laidlaw challenges youth workers with reading the bible for spiritual, not just educational purposes. This is a fantastic resource to inspire and fine tune your understanding of how better to center students on God’s word for transformational purposes in a variety of settings.

Controlled Chaos by Kurt Johnston with Justin Herman | Youth Cartel

The title says it all. Kurt’s revised and expanded edition of the title that brings clarity and vision to junior high ministry. Filled with inspiration, purpose, and practical direction on how to create an amazing environment for junior high students (or middle school, whichever suits you!).

Meet Generation Z by James Emery White | Baker

Move over millenials – Gen Z is here and they are already making their footprint on the world. One of the more popular titles across the youth ministry world in the last couple of years, this book will give you a fantastic generational overview and encourage you to understand the social, pyschological, and spiritual dynamics of the current rising generation.

The Self-Aware Leader by Terry Linhart | InterVarsity Press 

We can’t do a feature list of resources and not have anything about leadership. Terry’s leadership staple The Self-Aware Leader takes you to the heart of finding your authentic self as a leader. Blind spots, short-sightedness, and our past experiences all play into our leadership, so it’s better that we take inventory of who we are as a leader. Fantastic resource for leadership development across the ministry spectrum.

What are your favorite resources? What needs to be featured or highlighted in the new year?

Tim Balow

TIm Balow is has served in a variety of youth worker roles between Chicago and Minneapolis over the last 10 years. Tim currently serves with Youth Specialties working on projects focused on customer and content operations. Tim's passion is to serve the under-resourced youth worker and to encourage the next generation of students to step into a transformative relationship with Jesus.

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