A Big Vision for the Students of Cabot

Youth Specialties
August 4th, 2008

Denise Wilson: Someone you should knowDenise Wilson is the Youth Director at Cabot United Methodist Church in Cabot, Arkansas. When she moved to Cabot (30 minutes north of Little Rock) she spent some time arguing with God about taking her children out of their Christian school and enrolling them in the public school system in her new town. As she shared her disappointment with God, He shared His vision with her for her ministry in Cabot. Not only would she minister to the students at her church, she’d try to bring others together. “What was it that they [Christian schools] had that public schools lacked? God, of course. But more than that, it’s a sense of Christian family, no matter denomination, we had the one common denominator, Christ! That’s it, It’s Christ love in us all …and really why can’t that be in public schools? So I thought a little longer, we needed to form a group of kids willing to put differences aside and stand up for Christ and each other!” Out of that group and Denise’s big vision for her community, In Motion was born. Denise has spearheaded an effort to put on the biggest back to school bash Cabot has ever seen. She booked Christian bands Pillar, a couple of other bands and a guest speaker. She rented out the local high school football stadium and arranged for tons of free giveaways and free food all in an attempt to bring Christian students from her community together! When I asked her how many people she thought may attend she replied, “I don’t know. 1000? It’s our first year. We serve a really big God.In Motion Cabot ArkansasDenise’s story reminds me of why most of us do youth ministry. We have a huge heart for seeing students connect with one another, the body of Christ, and their God. Like Denise many of us are willing to take huge risks to fulfill our life’s mission. When Denise told me her story I was floored as I recognized that she is a youth worker putting it all on the line for this event. She’s not a professional concert promoter or big name evangelist. She’s a youth worker just like me with a big vision for her students a big faith that God will reward her for trusting Him. Denise is exemplifying the type of faith she teaches her students… a life in Christ is not always about carefully weighing the risks and choosing the safe way, not about worrying about rain, not about booking a sure thing, and not about focusing on the people around you who already know Christ. Imagine what the world would be like if our students boldly put their faith into action? If you’re in the greater Little Rock area, let me invite you to connect with Denise. She is someone I think you should know. And if you are in the Cabot area you are invited to come to In Motion on August 16th. For discussion: What do you think of this event? Is this the type of thing that would rally students together in your community? If not, what would work in your area?

Youth Specialties

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