A Time the Police Were Called on My Youth Group

Youth Specialties
September 19th, 2008

Some quotes from youth workers who had the fuzz called on their groups. 314 Indecent Exposure

We were at the Kalahari in Wisconsin and 3 of my students were mooning people out of the hotel window. Security and police were called. Fun night!

45 Simple kidnapping

We were playing a game of kidnapped with one group of kids outside the church. We were guarding the “hostage.” Another group had to sneak up and release the hostage. It was after midnight and a neighbor called the cops on us.

23 Traffic congestion

When the church bus full of high schoolers got stuck on the railroad tracks.

11-7 Prowler

Office worker saw me & 3 others attempting to climb the church with a grapling hook.

Code 8 Fire Alarm

We were putting on a labyrinth during a lock-in for the senior high. A candle fell over and set the pulpit on fire in the sanctuary. 20 foot flames– $200,000 in damage, 4 weeks before Easter. Police, 10 firetrucks.

10-107 Suspicious persons

Going home from summer camp we stopped at a mall. About 4 of our senior high guys had power ranger masks on and plastic ninja knives. They were running through the mall & stores harassing “customers” (our youth group).

Code 20 Notify News Media to respond

We spent the night in the church parking lot in cardboard boxes to simulate a homeless village. The Sr. Pastor called the cops.

Youth Specialties

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