A Tough Day for Youth Specialties

Youth Specialties
February 2nd, 2009

As is true for so many of you in churches, YS has not been immune from the economic challenges currently facing most ministries and companies. As such, we have been forced to take a close look at the structure of the organization to determine a more agile approach that allows YS to honor our mission to serve the needs of youth workers. We have spent a great deal of time exploring a number of options and ultimately creating a new organizational structure that will help us adapt and prepare for the future. The new structure also better positions YS to expand our platforms for both publishing and events through live, print and digital formats.

The title of this post does not convey the heavy heart that we all feel in the office today. It’s gut wrenching for co-workers and friends to go through hard times. Today we face the reality of a major re-organization which includes the departure of many of the YS staff. Rather than repeat the details, please head over to Marko’s blog for the full story. Click here to read Marko’s announcement of major changes at Youth Specialties.

Youth Specialties

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