Are You a Deadly Game Leader?

Youth Specialties
January 27th, 2011

This video below, “The Seven Sins of Game Leading”, came out last summer from the good folks over at The Source. But just in case you missed it, there's some gold in here that some of you need to mine — especially if you lead or participate in game planning in your ministry or outreach. 

Deadly sin #1 resonates with me personally — the one about “telling the crowd you're going to play a game.” Don't do it! I've always felt weird — like we're reverting back to grade school — when someone gets up front and says, “Let's play a game!”

When I'm in that role I tend to say something like, “I've got a challenge for you.” Now there's something that a junior higher and/or senior higher can get excited about: “A CHALLENGE! Whoo!”

So whether gaming is a huge part of your programming or a small element, there is a lot of good advice here that will limit the number of face palms in your audience. No worries, though. I'm sure most of us didn't take a class in “gaming”. Jonathan McKee expounds on the seven deadly sins here. It's a quick read and worth checking out.

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