Are You Doing Enough to Educate Adolescents on Technology and Pornography?

Youth Specialties
February 22nd, 2010

Porn Technology Youth MinistryRhett Smith, a Marriage & Family Therapist and part-time youth ministry staff member from Dallas, writes on his blog.

Adolescents. Technology. Pornography. The perfect storm according to many psychologists, addiction experts and theorists who are on the leading edge when it comes to studying this issue and working with the people who suffer from such an addiction.

If you work with adolescents…Or are parent or mentor to adolescents… Are you being sober minded enough on this issue? What are you doing to educate them about their use of technology and about issues of sexuality and pornography?

It's a great question. I think that many youth workers like to shy away from this topic. My own tendency is to either skip it altogether or talk about it with a sledgehammer. I'm afraid neither approach is helpful.

How are you talking to your youth groups about technology and pornography?

Youth Specialties

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