Are You Going “Back to School”?

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August 18th, 2011


This time each year, the students in your youth ministry return to school. But do you? Return to school with them? Jesus calls his followers, “fishers of men.” As youth workers, the “fish” we gather congregate in schools every day. Literally, not metaphorically. Not being much of an actual fisherman myself, I've learned from Deadliest Catch that you really can't catch fish without going where the fish are. Even if those places make us uncomfortable or feel dangerous. This may seem obvious when talking about catching shark, salmon, or flounder. But if it's so obvious, why do so few urban youth workers spend any real time at their students' local schools? As you consider your ministry's back-to-school strategy this year, these resources from 20/20 Vision for Schools may be helpful.

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Paul Curtis PS 102 Multimedia

You read about Pastor Paul Curtis last week, now hear him tell the story of the PS 102 Mural in his own words, and watch the story unfold in the multimedia slideshow.


See also the PS 102 Mural blog to experience the progression from beginning to end.

Youth Specialties

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