Barefoot Republic: A Conversation with Amy Grant, Tommy Rhodes and Thomas Rose

Jacob Eckeberger
August 16th, 2017

Maina Mwuara and Sabrena Klausman sat down for a conversation with Amy Grant, Tommy Rhodes, and Thomas Rose about all the incredible work that Barefoot Republic is doing to build bridges and encourage kids from all across TN. Check out more about Barefoot Republic online.

maina_squareMAINA MWAURA loves to guide student leaders. He is the husband of Tiffiney and has a two-year-old daughter name Zyan. Maina, lives in the Atlanta area and is the mobilization pastor at West Ridge Church. Check out more info at MAINASPEAKS.COM



SABRENA KLAUSMAN is the author of ZOMBIE CHRISTIAN, THE SACRED UNDEAD and has served more than sixteen years as a pastor’s wife, church planter, and curriculum-writer.


Jacob Eckeberger

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