Becoming a Visitor Again

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March 14th, 2010

My wife, Deanna, and I will be transitioning to another part of the country this summer.  Duluth, MN, is where we're headed.  Deanna was accepted into medical school and we have started the planning process to get things rolling on that end for our family: looking at houses, schools, and trying to find a church for us to plug into.  This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit two churches.  It's been a LONG time since we've been in the “church visitor” role.  It was weird after being in a full time church staff position for over ten years now.  I had almost forgotten what it was like. 

I want to share with you some of our feelings from the weekend.  Now, I also want to say upfront, that neither of us went in to these buildings looking to be critical.  What follows is simply an honest interpretation of what we feel we experienced. 

We didn't go to judge… we went to these places hoping to find a new church home for our families. 

We didn't walk in expecting people to cater to our every whim… we're not that self-centered, I don't think. 

We didn't walk in expecting to be entertianed… we went in with the intention of worshipping Jesus.

Youth Specialties

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