Brooklyn’s Top Ten Introduction

April 23rd, 2009

brook-lindsey-headshot I’m Brooklyn, a wicked awesome new blog contributor. I realize that some of you may not be familiar with who I am so an introduction is in order. I feel that most self-introductions fail to show how precocious we youth workers really can be. So I am asking my office mates to describe me with ten phrases or words. The context and validity of these phrases or words are to be debated. Feel free to inquire. Brooklyn’s Top Ten 10. “Are you kidding me?” 9. Wife of Coy, Mother of Kirra, Owner of a Jeep 8. Visionary Leader 7. Gross (preoccupation with poo stories) 6. Writer | Ideator 5. IJM supporter and Jedidiah wearer 4. Insane in the membrane (this means I’m creative) 3. Reader and Traveler 2. Bon Qui Qui 1. Middle School Pastor Extraordinaire (see preoccupation with poo stories) Thanks to the Highland Park youth office for these fine recommendations! I’m sure I’ve shared too much, but I’m willing to be myself before you and hopefully we’ll become great friends over time. Looking forward to the journey ahead.


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