New Spanish Event: Chica Latina

Youth Specialties
May 7th, 2013

We're especially excited to tell you about a brand new conference!

The ministry that trains more leaders and youth pastors throughout the Spanish-speaking world, Youth Specialties, (Especialidades Juveniles), announces the official launch of Chica Latina©
, under the direction of Carina Valerga, as a new addition to the training that EJ offers.

Why is it urgent to focus on helping Latin girls in America?

Latina teens represent:
• The highest percentage of dropouts
• The highest percentage of pregnancies outside marriage
• The highest percentage of illegal abortions
• The sector most prone to suffer from emotional disorders, such us depression, bulimia and anorexia

For this reason we offer: 

Chica Latina Conference© 
A full day specially designed for impacting and making the Hispanic girls fall in love with God. This conference is a fresh and unique space where our girls will receive instruction, will be ministered and trained by other mature girl speakers who have a passion for young and teenage girls. This day is packed with good music, surprise segments and unforgettable experiences with God.

Our conferences will be:

• July 13th, San Diego, CA
• July 20th, Dallas, TX
• August 17th, Washington DC

Chica Latina Tour©
This is a half day dealing with the most relevant topics our girls love. The Chica Latina Tour© is full of exciting activities for the girls to encounter God and forge healthy friendships. This event is super easy to bring to your church, and will allow your girls to impact your community with lasting results.

Our girls need help. Finding their true value in God and sharing their lives with other girls who have the same convictions, will provide them with a safe and secure environment, while keeping them away from dangerous influences. We believe it is our responsibility to love them, listen to them and offer them tools and information to protect them from bad decisions, emotional disorders and the fears of adolescence.

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