Christian Rave Ministry: Dancing before the Lord: An interview with Jeff Stoltzfus

October 3rd, 2009

You feel the music before you even get into the room. Its steady bass beat rumbles your stomach and starts your head bobbing while you’re still in the lobby. Upon entering the ballroom you are treated to sensory overload.

The music, now unfiltered by the walls, is loud enough to make your skin vibrate; you can feel the boom-boom-boom of the bass through your whole body. The room is mostly dark; neon lights blink; lasers pulsate to the rhythm of the song. There are smart lights (theater lights programmed by computer to move, spin, and rotate in a particular pattern based on the song playing.)

The adrenaline begins to pump. People on the dance floor are jumping up and down in unison. Some are waving their hands in the air. Some have their eyes closed. Welcome to worship.

Wait, did you say worship?

Yes, worship. Club Worship actually. The rave-like dance club experience found in the Olympian Ballroom in Reading, Pennsylvania. It’s the inspiration of a group of teenagers and run by adults Jeff Stoltzfus and John Carlson.

A Christian Rave

We had a chance to talk with Jeff about his role in Club Worship and the role of Club Worship in the community of faith.

“The vision came from our youth,” Jeff says. “They needed an adult to help run the thing, and I volunteered. But it’s all youth run. All the crew, all the DJs, all the lights


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