Creative Funkiness

Youth Specialties
March 15th, 2011

Funk happens. And I seem to be in the middle of a creative funk this week. Time to claw my way out.

When you are in the position of leading and speaking to students, creativity is a necessary part of the process. We can't get away with our “mad lecturing skills” like someone maybe can when they are communicating with adults. Junior highers brains, especially, are all over the place – sometimes at 100 miles-per-hour!  

So, what to do when you're in a creative funk?

  • Planning ahead helps. When your creative juices are flowing and you've got lots of great ideas coming out of your brain spout, write them down! You can always come back to those ideas later. And you might lost them if you don't! Many times inspiration just needs a jumping-off point. A list of great ideas might be all that you need.
  • Get around other people that inspire you. Sometimes creative types thrive in their craft when they are alone, but when the well runs dry, it's time to get out! Call up someone that really inspires you and go out for a cup of coffee. Don't go with a bullet-point agenda, but do talk about your dreams, what God is doing in your life, and things you are passionate about. Chances are you'll be inspired in the middle of the conversation and may have a tear well up in your eye once or twice. Who knows? It could happen.
  • Take a break.  Seriously. Leave. Breathe. Rest. Come back. Try it again.
  • Consume media that excites you. That could be in the form of a book, a magazine, a web site design, the movies, architecture, music… pretty much any medium that moves you. Music seems to work the best for me. When I need inspiration, I tend to go to the artists that challenge my writing and creative process as a musician. One that I've been going to this year: Gungor. When I listen to their stuff, it pushes my creative envelope. 

Okay, now after that little break, I think I may be back on track. Back to trying my best to show the beauty of the Creator in all that I say and do.

What do you do to get back in the creative process?

Youth Specialties

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