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Youth Specialties
November 30th, 2010

Here's a list of what's selling the last 6 weeks

  1. Clear (Chris Folmsbee)
  2. Experiencing Christ Together: Connecting in Jesus (Doug Fields, Brett Eastman)
  3. Life Together: Connecting Your Heart to Others' (Doug Fields, Brett Eastman)
  4. Life Together: Growing to Be Like Jesus (Doug Fields, Brett Eastman)
  5. Experiencing Christ Together: Beginning in Jesus (Doug Fields, Brett Eastman)
  6. Creative Bible Lessons from the Old Testament (Laurie Polich)
  7. Essential Leadership Participant's Guide (Kara Powell)
  8. God Up Close Participant's Guide (Steven L. Case)
  9. Life Together: Starting to Go Where God Wants You to Be (Doug Fields, Brett Eastman)
  10. Conversations with Jesus (Youth for Christ)
  11. Good Sex 2.0 (Kara Powell, Jim Hancock)
  12. Help! I'm a Student Leader! (Doug Fields)
  13. Creative Bible Lessons in Essential Theology (Andrew Hedges)
  14. Your Own Jesus, Student Edition (Mark Hall, Tim Luke)
  15. Experiencing Christ Together: Growing in Jesus (Doug Fields, Brett Eastman)

Any surprises? 

Youth Specialties

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