Does your ministry do something for Halloween?

Youth Specialties
October 24th, 2008

We asked this question yesterday on Twitter, here are the replies.

  • LindseyK25 @YS_Scoop we used to have a harvest Festival with games and candy, this year we are having a trick or trunk. its a community out reach.
  • sandyhughes @YS_Scoop We do a big pumpkin carving night the tuesday before halloween.
  • final_night @YS_Scoop If it falls on a day then we have something special just not for Halloween. This year we’re doing All Night Bowling
  • ryanmarcum @YS_Scoop The H.S. Ministry will be on a retreat…competing for an xbox 360
  • robham @YS_Scoop last year we went pumpkin bowling. It was awesome!!
  • ChrisSalyards @YS_Scoop Costume party tomorrow night
  • briancberry @YS_Scoop nope. tried some costume theme parties in the past- but they kinda bomb for us.
  • tommysmith @ys_scoop we do “night of the great pumpkin” scavenger hunt, games, bonfire….good times
  • MarkMatlock @YS_Scoop I normally have 1000+ neighbors go through my Haunted Yard. This year I will be in Pittsburgh. The neighbors are disappointed πŸ™‚
  • oldmikey @YS_Scoop The church has a Harvest Party event. This year it will be in our Youth Center. the students always have a booth and help others.
  • revkirk @YS_Scoop – Yes — we have fun – and on Sunday we’re going to a Haunted Corn Maze
  • avalonxx @ys_scoop we (residence life, campus min) do a safe trick or treat for the community kids.
  • aarongeist @YS_Scoop If youth group falls on Halloween, then yes, otherwise…we might have pumpkin shapped cookies πŸ™‚
  • pastornick @YS_Scoop We do a ‘Fall Festival’ in our gym: Dinner, games, face painting, candy, God honoring costumes, & a chance to share the Gospel
  • shawnmichael @YS_Scoop eh…last year we did a whole night because it fell on Halloween; this year we’ll probably do a few holiday/season challenges/game
  • jwrite @YS_Scoop yes Fall Festival for kids, Great Pumpkin Hunt for Youth.

What about your ministry? If your ministry is doing something, what is it?

Youth Specialties

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