Dr. Kara Powell Joins the YS Team

Youth Specialties
September 27th, 2011

We're very excited to announce a new member to our growing YS Team.

Starting this week at NYWC in San Diego, Dr. Kara Powell, Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) joins the YS Leadership team as an Advisor.

Kara joins Doug Fields on the growing team Mark Matlock has assembled to lead the next generation of YS.  “I am so excited about Kara joining the YS team,” Matock said, “We are so privileged to have her insight and input.”

Matlock continued, “As YS continues to serve the church in addressing current issues in adolescent spiritual formation and outreach, Kara's experience in research and church youth ministry will provide unparalleled insight into ministry today. In addition to speaking roles at NYWC and YSpalooza, Kara's greatest contribution will be giving strategic input on big picture issues at YS.”

“I'm incredibly grateful for all I have learned from YS myself and am eager to help create an even stronger spirit of innovation and collaboration,” Powell said, “I'm excited for this role because I think YS has the potential to help raise up a new generation of leaders, a generation of leaders who can take us further in creative, theologically-grounded, research based youth ministry.”

“Kara's position at YS doesn't impact her current full-time role at the Fuller Youth Institute.  We don't want anyone thinking we are stealing her away from her important contribution at FYI, ” says Matlock.

Powell added, “My hope is our research at FYI can strengthen Youth Specialties and that the questions YS is asking can help steer FYI's ongoing research.”

Welcome to the team Kara—we're excited about the future!

Youth Specialties

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