Drinking Alcohol with Mom and Dad

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June 30th, 2008

Among Christians, the adult attitude towards alcohol seems to have shifted over the past several years. For those who grew up around conservative churches drinking socially was something clearly unacceptable, or at least hidden from view. Not so today. In many evangelical circles a glass of wine or a beer is not something to fret about much less hide. While opinions wildly vary most would agree that over all, the tide is shifting. The real question for youth workers is, “How do I teach parents and students about alcohol these days?” There is a myriad of advice out there, isn’t there? That’s why I was shocked when I saw this question in Time Magazine, Should You Drink With Your Kids?

But there is a better way. At first it sounds a little nutty, but you might consider drinking with your kids. Incongruously, the way to produce fewer problem drinkers is to create more drinkers overall–that is, to begin to create a culture in which alcohol is not an alluring risk but part of quotidian family life. Of course, that’s a mostly European approach to alcohol, but there’s reason to think it could work here. And it may be the best way to solve the binge-drinking problem.

Question: What do you think, would it really curb binge drinking if parents drank with their children? Or would it merely empower them?

Youth Specialties

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