February Best Sellers

Youth Specialties
March 3rd, 2011
Rank Title Author Year Published
1 Good Sex 2.0: What (Almost) Nobody Will Tell You about Sex Jim Hancock, Kara Powell 2009
2 Conversations with Jesus Youth for Christ 2006
3 Wonder, Fear, and Longing Mark Yaconelli 2009
4 Wisdom On … Friends, Dating, & Relationships Mark Matlock 2008
5 3Story Participant's Guide Youth for Christ, Dave Rahn 2007
6 Clear Chris Folmsbee 2010
7 Mission Trip Prep: A Student's Journal for Capturing the Experience Kevin Johnson 2003
8 Don't Buy the Lie Mark Matlock 2004
9 Essential Leadership Participant's Guide Kara Powell 2010
10 Help! I'm a Student Leader! Doug Fields 2005
11 Experiencing Christ Together: Surrendering to Jesus Doug Fields, Brett Eastman 2005
12 The Disciple Experiment: A Faith-In-Action Student Journal Mike Yaconelli 2003
13 Studies on the Go: Philippians, Colossians, 1st and 2nd Thessalonians David Olshine 2009
14 Middle School Talksheets Terry Linhart 2009
15 Life Together: Surrendering Your Life to Honor God Doug Fields, Brett Eastman 2003
16 Living with Questions Dale Fincher 2007
17 College Ministry from Scratch Chuck Bomar 2010
18 Good Sex 2.0 Curriculum Kit (DVD) Jim Hancock, Kara Powell 2009
19 Devotion Mike Yaconelli 2004
20 Creative Bible Lessons in Essential Theology Andrew Hedges 2009
Youth Specialties

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