Five Things Every College-Bound Student Should Know

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June 15th, 2016

Upon graduation, our students need more than a copy of Jesus in my Dorm Room or Campus Prayers for New Freshmen—they need good, solid, been-there-done-that advice. So here—as a public service—is a collection of great advice from adults who wish they had known these things when they first set foot on campus.

  1. Know How to Do Your Laundry

Most students divide their dirty clothes into two piles: dirty and offensive. Dirty can be worn again. Offensive must be washed.

Do not employ the compost method of cleaning in which one utilizes the heat and weight from the clothes on the top of the pile to clean the clothes on the bottom of the pile. You never know who you may be sitting next to on the campus bus or in class.

  1. Know How to Eat Like a College Student

Macaroni and cheese: four for a dollar. Ramen noodles: eight for a dollar.

Learn which churches feed college students. A home-cooked meal is often your reward for your presence in a Bible study. Ecumenical means you go to a different church every night—just think of how holy you’ll be.

  1. Know Your Relationship with Your Parents Will Change

When your mother says, “You never call and tell us about your life,” she doesn’t really want to hear about your life—she wants to know why you didn’t call.

When you go home for Christmas break, keep in mind that you’ll be much smarter than you were when you started. This doesn’t mean you have to let everyone know. Don’t be surprised if they aren’t interested in what you learned. Once someone has seen you in diapers, it’s hard for them to see you any other way.

  1. Know about World Religions

You’re going to meet people from all over the world who worship and pray in ways that are very different from the way you do. Remember that anyone who tells you they have all the answers is either lying or selling something. If you’re hanging out with a group of people who want to pick your friends and define your enemies for you, you probably just joined a cult.

  1. Know How to Get Along with Others

Not everyone is interested in your opinion.

Nothing is private.

If you live in a dorm, remember that the party down the hall is mostly made up of people who probably won’t be there when you graduate.

steve case_squarSteve Case has been active in youth ministry for 18 years, currently at Windermere Union United Church of Christ near Orlando, Florida. He’s also a popular speaker and the author of several books, including EVERYTHING COUNTS and THE BOOK OF UNCOMMON PRAYER. Find more of his books HERE and visit his website HERE.

Youth Specialties

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