Five Things That Should Be Banned from Youth Ministry

Youth Specialties
May 2nd, 2016

1) Five-Year Goals

Really, who came up with this business model for the church? This year’s goal is last year’s goal: get teens to meet Jesus.

2) Church Family Service Projects

This is also known as Why don’t we “invite” the youth to come and do the dishes at the spaghetti supper? I’m sure they need a service project. Maybe you should invite the teens to the spaghetti supper.

3) The Word X-TREME in Curriculum

Put an X in front of a word and suddenly it’s a youth thing: X-TREME Bible study, X-TREME mission trip, X-TREME Sunday school. How about X-TREME baptism or X-TREME communion? We might shell out money for that.

4) Cheesy Graduation Books

Jesus in My Dorm Room: How to Save Your Roommate

Prayers for College Life: Calling on Jesus When You’re Barfing Doesn’t Count

A Freshman’s Guide to Impure Thoughts

Let’s just bite the bullet and give every graduate a Starbucks card.

5) That Cheer

“Yes, yes, yes we do! We love Jesus—how ‘bout you?” It never seems to end with the same energy it starts with, and there’s always that one girl who just keeps going and going . . .

6) Hatred, Ignorance, Bigotry

Oh . . . and anchovies on pizza.


steve case_squarSteve Case has been active in youth ministry for 18 years, currently at Windermere Union United Church of Christ near Orlando, Florida. He’s also a popular speaker and the author of several books, includingEVERYTHING COUNTS and THE BOOK OF UNCOMMON PRAYER. Find more of his books HERE and visit his website HERE.


Youth Specialties

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