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March 18th, 2008

We received an email one day from Craig Smith. He said he enjoyed the YS Web site so much that he wanted to give something back. He attached a file he created for his own youth ministry to help him plan food for camps, retreats, any kind of trip with his group. Here's his explanation of the chart:

This spreadsheet is a planning chart that I created for members of my Adult Staff Team who are working to plan food for our retreats. The chart has the common retreat foodstuffs (spaghetti, pancakes, etc.) plotted out by the amount of that foodstuff needed for various size groups (4-50 mouths). The numbers were plotted using my own notes from several years of retreating. For instance, the average group of teenagers consumes 1.8 eggs per student (usually scrambled) so the chart recommends buying 54 eggs for an egg breakfast for 30 students. If this sounds confusing, just look at the chart…it will make a lot more sense when you view it. My staff has found this to be very helpful when planning meals and figuring approx. food costs, shopping, etc.

I'd really like to get people's feedback on this chart. They can e-mail me at SYKER@aol.com

Craig Smith
Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries
Castle Chapel Evangelical Free Church, Castle Rock, CO

Youth Specialties

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