Free Bible Study: Adventurously Expectant

Youth Specialties
November 2nd, 2011

We are so excited that our friends at InWord Resources have put together this Bible study based on the 2011 National Youth Workers Convention theme.  We hope that it helps connect you what God is doing this year in lives at the convention.  It includes 2 personal lessons for you, plus 2 lessons you can use as lessons in your youth group.

“Adventurously expectant. Those two words conjure up a nice picture. Tip toes. Eager. Anticipating.

But, are we ready for this? Adventurously expectant isn’t comfortable. It’s not same‐old, same‐old. It’s an openness to whatever, however, whenever, wherever the Spirit beckons. But this adventurous ex‐ pectancy isn’t just for ministry tracks, career paths and missions experiences—it can be much more personal. In fact, before God takes us on an adventure in the world, He wants to take us on a venture inward—an adventure of the heart. Of course, that may be the most uncomfortable adventure yet.

So let’s start there.”

Thanks InWord!


Youth Specialties

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