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April 4th, 2012

Blue Like Jazz MovieBlue Like Jazz is a movie that tells the story of one person’s search to discover God for himself. It is a story that involves doubt, insecurity, bad behavior, questioning and an honest look at what it takes to have a faith of your own, not merely one that you inherit from family or a church community. 

And as difficult as it can be to see people we love struggle, we know that it is through struggle, though asking honest questions and wrestling with things ourselves that we find what it is we truly believe. There are great studies about the role of doubt in forming peoples’ faith, and we hope that this discussion guide about the stories told in Blue Like Jazz will be a help to engage the teenagers in your group (and their parents) to work on their questions and doubts together, and know that they are not alone, swirling in the blue without someone to grab hold of them.

We have 2 FREE discussion guides to help unpack the themes in the film.  

High School Discussion Guide

College / Youth Adult Discussion Guide

At this year's NYWC, Tic Long sat down with the director Steve Taylor to talk about making the movie:

See the Official Trailer:

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