Got college students looking for a summer job? We got that.

Youth Specialties
March 16th, 2010

As you've heard, YS is now a ministry of YouthWorks. For the first time in our history we are now a non-profit– which is way cool. One fun thing about being part of YouthWorks is that I get the inside scoop on stuff that is actually quite useful for fellow youth workers.

This is one of those cool things I get to tell you about.

YouthWorks in in the process of hiring hundreds of ministry-minded college students. And by “hired” I don't mean the way that you or I hire summer interns where we work them like dogs and they don't get paid. Nope. Summer staff at YouthWorks work like dogs, get hard core leadership development training, experience leading mission trips, AND they get paid. 

If you have college-age students in your life looking for a summer gig, here's the link.

Youth Specialties

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