Great YMX Threads to Jump in On

Youth Specialties
August 6th, 2008

ymx screenshotIf you aren’t a part of Youth Ministry Exchange, make sure you head over there and create a free account for the forums. There are some great discussions going on that you’ll want to jump in on. Here are three:

  1. Messy Game Ideas. What youth worker doesn’t need more ideas for messy games in the summer? See what’s working and share your own creative ideas.
  2. Getting over the 25 student hump in youth group. Totally relevant to a lot of us out there. We get to 25 and then run into problems and plateau. Check out members ideas and submit your own.
  3. Small churches and “success.” A very cool discussion on the health of churches under 100 people.

With 12,000 topics, 275,000 posts, and 1600 members YMX is the best place on the net to share stuff and experience community within youth ministry. Of course, there are also tons of user submitted articles and resource reviews to browse as well.

Youth Specialties

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