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February 11th, 2010

Miami ViceThe first leg of my trip to Haiti is less-than-glamourous. Yesterday I flew from San Diego to Miami. I love living on the west coast but traveling east always makes you lose a day to airplane time and time zones. 

As we traveled east our team grew. I'm joined at the airport hotel by Jeremy, Ian, and Marko. So now we are four. By tonight, Lord willing, we will be at full force.

The common talk amongst our group is that this must be a God thing. The fact that all 10 of us were able to get away from our ministry lives for a week of service… with only 3 weeks notice… is miraculous. Think about your own life schedule right now and you'll get a a sense of that feeling.

As our team comes together there is a certain energy about us that clearly comes from God. While we are exhausted from cramming 4 weeks of work into 3 we all bring to this trip a bucketload of passion and a bucketload of compassion. 

Our plan for today, Lord willing, looks like this.

In a couple of hours the crew that came in last night will head back to the Miami airport. There we will meet up with the six folks who are in the air or at the airport right now. Together, we will fly to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This afternoon and evening we'll get to know one another and buy all the food and supplies our team will need for the next week. 

I can't speak for everyone. But I am thankful for the travel day today as my life has been turned upside down in the past few weeks. To have a day to listen to music, prepare, and rest is just what I need. I'm anxious for the trip but also weary from the past few weeks. 

The hope is  to get up super early Friday morning and begin the long overland drive to Port-au-prince. 

Now if I can just find Sonny and Rico, I'm sure they'd love to take me for a quick ride in their Ferrari. 

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