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February 26th, 2009

The nastiest thing that ever happened to me in youth ministry occurred on the first short term mission trip I’d ever led. As we made our last U.S. stop for food before crossing the border into Mexico, one of my students said, “Yo, Adam… I’m not feeling so [blech!]” He puked all over the back of a Ford Mustang. Not sure what to do, I got everyone back in the truck and we headed for our border crossing. (No, I didn’t clean up the mess on the guys car!) In line, he puked again. He threw up so hard out the window that it didn’t even touch the side of the vehicle. We passed through the U.S. side of the border just fine, but there was a line going into Tijuana. As I pulled forward to the guard, he greeted me just as my student hurled again. This time it went so hard out of the passenger window it actually hit the border stand on the stall next to ours. All of the guys, and the border guard, were both impressed and grossed out. The guard handed my paperwork back to me and grabbed my shoulder, saying “I have never seen someone throw up coming into Mexico. Best of luck to you my friend.If you work with students you know that gross stuff just happens. Here are a few things that our Twitter followers shared when I asked them to share their most disgusting youth ministry story.

  1. Leenerbeener Grossest YM … a youth vomiting more than once into a bucket while I drove home from Canada to Seattle in a van filled w/ youth
  2. snavenel girl throwing up after a banana eating contest
  3. trazylyn let’s just say “blended happy meal” or “dig the presents out of the ‘puke’ concoction with your mouth” or “mama bird, baby bird”
  4. rhenderson212 It’s got to be one of the countless times that the toilet was clogged and over flowing on a mexico mission trip.
  5. terivalente a kid puking chocolate milk etc. out the window of the Pastor’s car on I-70. It totally blew back in on the kid in the backseat.
  6. javagiraffe gross youth ministry story: 4th grade girl saying, “i think when i puked in the bathroom i also pooped my pants.” (hey, you asked)
  7. karaszyarto in A Goofy Movie the kid does “leaning tower of cheese-a” with squeeze cheese. I saw that at a messy games night once. Not good.
  8. uzmegr8ly a kid ripped his finger off, and I held it until we got him headed to the hospital!!! it was awesomely gross
  9. mattwalker83 game we played, bobbing 4 meat, like spam but worse. filled a kid pool with cooked raman and mixed the meat in, 100+ kids bobbing
  10. hguyer79 counseling a MS “fear factor” retreat & after eating contests 15+ kids get sick throughout the course of the evening/overnight
  11. chrisharkins Bubble Gum sculpture game.. many chewing, one creating
  12. andrewstephen Happy Meal milkshake = all the ingredients of a Cheeseburger Happy Meal, coke included, blended together.
  13. ChrisALong Drinking an apple, orange and melon smoothy made from YP squashing the fruit barefoot, bits of gravel added to the experience!
  14. saraeden a kid with a dislocated finger – bone came out through the skin. Very bloody and disgusting.
  15. samiam2 grossest in YM would be trying to help someone who broke her arm. Just looking at the angle of it made me want to hurl.
  16. kevinmurrell A sick 7th grader went #3 in the bushes, stepped in it,then climbed over all the seats in the full van. We had 3 hrs left to drive
  17. jasonmaxwell people had eggs suran wrapped on their head, had to break the eggs with a fish…nasty game, smelled up the place pretty good.
  18. navets I’m asst & youth, so occasionally I visit older people in hospitals. Once someone showed me their “ouchie” in their “no-no spot”.

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