Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire Movie Guide

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November 16th, 2005


Optional Activity #1: The Dragon Game

You will need a large open area in which to play and ten to twelve students.  Select a volunteer to be Harry Potter. (Throw a scarf around their neck and a pair of plastic specs if you’d like.)  The rest of the group is the dragon. They must stand in a line with their hands on the hips of the person in front of them.  Only the head of the dragon may speak.  On “Go” the object of the game is for the dragon to completely surround Harry Potter.  “Harry” must avoid being surrounded.

Optional Activity #2: Edible Magic Wants

You will need the long-sized pretzel sticks, canned frosting (white) and lots of those candy sprinkles for cakes.  These can be found in most grocery stores.  Before the meeting dip the end of the pretzel stick in the frosting and then roll the end in the sprinkles.  This can also be accomplished with melted white chocolate. The white chocolate is much tastier but also much more work.  Pass these out to your students after seeing the movie but before the discussion.

Bonus Idea: Serve homemade sugar cookies as a snack but instead of topping them with sprinkles, use pop-rocks.



Matthew 28:19-20

2 Cor. 5:17

Ephes. 4:14

Hebrews 5:12-13

Acts 15:6-10

Romans 2:12

Romans 2: 13-15

The Questions

  1. Have you seen all of the Harry Potter movies?  Who has changed the most?  Do any of these characters actually look fourteen?
  2. The films get more “dark” along with the novels.  Should the next movie be recast and let a new group of younger actors take over or should we see stories about an adult Harry Potter?  Why?
  3. Dumbledore refers to curiosity not being a “sin”.  The movie has a Christmas Ball.  Does it bother you that there are Christian references in a school for wizards and witches?  When the first movie came out there were protests by Christian groups against it.  Now most of the major Christian Publishers have Harry Potter books to go along with the movie or the novels.  How do you feel about this?  Why do you think the view of the movie has changed?
  4. Harry says, “I love magic” when he enters the tent that seems to be bigger on the inside than on the outside. Do you like magic tricks or do you try to figure out how they are done?  When the sign says “Wet Paint,” are you the type of person to touch it to make sure?
  5. There are three “unforgivable curses” that the students learn in class.  The curse of “obedience”, “torture” and “death.”  What is the hardest thing you’ve ever forgiven someone?  Is there anything that is “unforgivable” to you?  Is there anything that is “unforgivable” to God?
  6. Is your future written in stone?  Are there some things that are just meant to be no matter how we try and stop them from occurring?  Can you name any?
  7. When someone says, “I didn’t mean for it to happen it just did.” (Like Harry said to Ron) how easy/difficult is it to believe them?
  8. Mad Eye Moody seems to steal the show in this movie where Snape barely has any scenes at all.  Who was the most over-the-top-whack-job of a teacher you ever had?  Are they also one of your favorites?
  9. When Harry gets selected to be in the tournament someone immediately yelled, “Potter’s cheating.”  Even Harry’s friend Ron thought he cheated.  Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do?  Talk about it.  Have you ever been convinced that someone somehow wronged you and then you found out that YOU were the one in the wrong?  What happened?
  10. Read the scripture from Acts.  Why does it seem like we have to divide ourselves up into “us” verses “them” no matter what we do in life?
  11. Why does it seem like when something good happens to someone there is always someone on the outside to make it feel less ?
  12. Mad Eye Moody counsels Harry before the tournament against the dragon. He tells him to go with his strengths.  Lets say you are about to face a great dragon (figuratively speaking) what is the dragon?
  13. What is your greatest strength you will take with you?
  14. It was interesting that each of the challengers got to choose their own dragon?  How do we choose our “dragons” in life?
  15. Do you think God challenges us?
  16. When does “grown up” begin?
  17. Do you have any friends now that you had in Kindergarten?  Is there anyone you know whom you once said “best friends forever” and then that relationship seems to have gone by the wayside?
  18. Hermione says, “Everything is going to change.”  She says it with worry and fear.  Why do you suppose some people fear change?  Who handles it better, males or females?
  19. Read Romans 2:12 When Hermione says the line about changing, Harry responds with “Yes.”   How well do you respond to changes that happen when you don’t want them to?
  20. The students at Hogwarts prepare for the ball.  How are these scenes like your high school?  Harry makes a comment about girls traveling in “packs”.  Is this true?
  21. No matter how far we‘ve come in our society it still seems to be the job of the guy to ask out the girl.  Why doesn‘t this change?  
  22. When Harry and Ron are talking in the courtyard. Hermione shakes her head and says “Boys.”  What do this line and the way she says it mean? 
  23. How have the “rituals” of dating changed since your parents were in school? 
  24. When Hermione leaves the ball and cries on the steps, behind her there are another group of girls consoling a crying friend?  Why do you think the filmmakers chose to put this scene in the film?
  25. Read the verses from Matthew, Corinthians, and Ephesians. What do these verses have to say about growing up?
  26. Let’s say the goal is to be “grown up”.  What are the three biggest challenges you face?  What separated Harry from the others?
  27. Is there any real such thing as “well-mannered frivolity”?  Describe it.
  28. What is the ultimate magic in the movie?
  29. Read Romans 2:13-15 Dumbledore says “There comes a time when we must choose between what is right and what is easy?” Could this be a definition of growing up?  How so?  Do you think it fits with what happened to Harry in this movie?
  30. What is Dumbledore’s advice right after this statement?  (You are not alone).  What was the difference between the ways Harry met the challenges in the tournament and the way the others did?

Closing Prayer:

God, there comes a time when we must choose between what is right and what is easy.  Help us to make the right choice God.  Help us to hold our friends close to us so that we may grow together. Help us to understand that changes in our lives our at least give us the wisdom to remember that we can’t stop changes from happening.  Help us grow up and grow closer to you. Amen.

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