Have we deified youth?

Youth Specialties
July 22nd, 2009

It’s not often you get a moment of clarity from a comedian whose show airs after midnight. But a youth worker, Sara from Iowa, sent this link to me and Craig Ferguson asks a powerfully brilliant question. Have we deified youth? Have we made it so desirable and fashionable to be, as Craig puts it, “young and stupid? It’s an interesting question when we consider how we minister to youth, isn’t it? In my years of working with student I learned that I can always draw students in by glorifying childish behavior. (And few people on this planet enjoy being childish more than I do!) But I’ve always wrestled with this dichotomy of drawing students with silliness but life change happening in maturity stretching moments of seriousness. Do you think Craig is right in his rant?

Youth Specialties

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