He is Mighty to Save

Youth Specialties
October 3rd, 2010

I feel like this closing moment from our Big Room last night Benton Brown captured the essence of our day. 

The thread of words expressed in this song tie together much of what we've heard today in big room. From Greg Stier to Jeanne Stevens to David Kinnaman to Mike Pilavachi. All of their teaching leads us back to the cross. We don't serve students in ministry for social good or to make ourselves feel important. We do it for Jesus. He is mighty and able.

Ultimately, this is why we do what we do. Whether we serve Christ in the office at YS or whether we're a youth pastor in rural Oregon we give our lives to Jesus because God is mighty to save. As we worship with our delegates… we all come from different types of ministry backgrounds, different denominations, different theological perspectives and vernaculars– all of that is laid aside at NYWC.

Jesus is the author, we are the servants.

Youth Specialties

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