He Is What I Am Not

Youth Specialties
March 8th, 2011

I am limited … He is limitless.
I have vision … He is my vision.
I have a point of view … He has view.
I plan … He has a better one.
I am proud … He graces me with humility.
I am led … His Holy Spirit guides me.
I am weak … He is my strength.
I speak loudly and with passion … His voice thunders.
I fall … He picks me up.
I have a purpose … He is behind it.
I grow weary … He never sleeps.
I am driven … He is my rest.
I run dry … He is my source.
I tend to crack … He is my strong foundation.
I sing … He is my melody.
I know the Word … He is the Word made flesh. 

So why do I even try to do student ministry on my own?

Youth Specialties

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