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September 2nd, 2008

I love it when local churches partner together for the sake of reaching students in their community. That’s exactly that is happening in Boerne, Texas on September 13th. Ryan Nielsen, of Pastor2Youth, has helped put together a one day training session with the collaboration of several churches in the Boerne area. Here’s how he describes the event:

Have you ever led a super-hyper small group and wondered how to get the students to calm down? Has a teen ever approached you with a difficult problem and you weren’t sure how to respond? Are you new to youth ministry? Have you been working with youth for a number of years, but feel like your well has run dry? Would you like the opportunity to fellowship with others who work with youth? Whether you have been working with youth for 5 months or 15 years; are a professional or a volunteer this conference is for you!

Collaborative Youth Ministry in conjunction with Cibolo Creek Community Church, First United Methodist Church, St. Mark Presbyterian Church, and St. Helena’s Episcopal Church offers you the opportunity to learn, grow, fellowship, and have fun during this one-day conference, Saturday, September 13th at St. Mark Presbyterian Church in Boerne, TX. There will be one general session with 12 elective sessions available for leaders to attend. The four youth pastors leading this event, Ryan Nielsen, Adam Jacobus, Tim Day and Glenn Meschko have over 60 years of youth ministry experience combined.

If you are in the San Antonio area and are interested in attending, check out this flyer for more information.

Youth Specialties

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